Material Sales & Equipment Rentals

2″ Piling

Stocking 2″ schedule 80 (extra strong) steel pipe & 2” pile couplers for customers who choose self installation. Two-inch diameter pile may be installed using 90lb or 140lb pneumatic jack hammers. For current pricing please call 425.251.8535 ext. 226

EPS Geofoam

Stocking distributor of Type 15 (1 lb./ft3), EPS Geofoam blocks. Also, a “hot wire” cutter is available for customers to cut or shape Geofoam blocks to suit site conditions. Site delivery is available upon request. Please call for current pricing 425.251.8535 ext. 226
(PDF of EPS Brochure)
Geofoam Website

Helical Pile/Anchor (MacLean Dixie – installers wanted!)

• Materials Sales
• Installation Equipment
• Installer certification available MacLean Civil Products

Manta Ray Anchors

Stocking distributor of Manta Ray soil anchors; MR-88 = 3,000lb capacity to the MR-1 = 20,000lb capacity. Please call for availability and current Rental Rates.
(PDF of Manta Ray Brochure)
General Specifications
Manta Ray Anchor Website

Manta Ray Anchor Installation Equipment Rentals

Manta Ray Anchors are typically installed using 90lb jackhammers. Custom drive gads are used to drive anchors into the ground. Drive gads are available for rent, Please call for availability and current Rental Rates.
Installation Details

Manta Ray Anchor Testing Equipment Rentals

Anchors may be proof tested using either a load cell (dynamometer) in conjunction with an excavator or a Manta Ray load locker (open center hydraulic jack cylinder). A hydraulic pump is included in the rental of a load locker. Please call for availability and current Rental Rates.


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