Helical Piles & Anchors

Helical piles or helical anchors may be incorporated into a foundation system or a shoring wall system. They are unique in that they may be engineered for compressive loads and tension loads.

Helicals piles are often utilized to underpin existing structures that have settled or sloping floors. Also, they may be incorporated into a new foundation system. Typically, piles are installed vertical, but because helicals piles also function as anchors they may also be installed at an incline to resist lateral or seismic forces.

Helicals are screwed into the ground using powerful hydraulic drill motors. Drill motors may be mounted to tracked mini-excavators or smaller man-portable drill motors which may be used in limited access conditions like steep slopes or basements.

Advantages of this versatile system include:

  • Reduced noise for installation
  • No vibration during installation
  • No spoils or drill tailings
  • Engineered for both compression and tension loads

The primary components required to estimate piling cost is:

  • Shaft diameter & helical plate configuration
  • Anticipated depth
  • Access limitations for installation equipment
  • Load tests or proof tests required by the design engineer

Typically, a geotechnical engineer recommends helicals based on site conditions then a structural engineer determines where each helical should be placed within the foundation or shoring wall system. McDowell Pile King works with several professional structural engineers who can provide approved stamped helical designs upon request. After the design is completed the project is ready to be quoted.

Helicals piles/helical anchors is an attractive alternative to other piling/anchoring systems due to its high design capacity of each helical and they may be installed using limited access equipment and at an affordable price.

Please call to speak to one of our project managers regarding design options, value engineering and pricing.


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