Solar Panel Pile Support

Pipe Pile, Helical Pile or Beams are used for Solar Panel Support

Supporting solar panels on piles is not only Economical, it is “Green,” and Efficient. Three primary pile types used are Pipe Piles, “I” Beams and Helical Piles. These pile systems may be arranged to support single or multiple panels, such as in an array of solar panels.

Economically, utilizing piling to support solar panels is the best choice. When piling is employed in lieu of steel posts two major steps are eliminated from the installation process, excavating and pouring concrete footings. Once concrete is eliminated there is no down time waiting for concrete to cure.

Pile support is considered green due to reduced impact to the environment. While other methods include excavating, stock piling soils or exporting soils, our method can be installed and removed from the land with no lasting effect. Lastly, when concrete is eliminated from the equation there are fewer heavy diesel trucks on our highways.

McDowell NW Pile King has a fleet of specialized (patented) equipment for driving 2” – 8” round pipe and “I” beams. This equipment is comprised of a tracked excavator converted to a mini-pile driver. Each piling is winched into the air and then driven with a powerful hydraulic hammer mounted on a fixed set of leads. The lead allows the operator to control the direction of the piling. Piling may be installed vertical (plumb) or inclined at various angles.

Helical piles may also be used to support solar panels. Helical piles are screwed into the ground using powerful hydraulic motors mounted to tracked excavators. Several advantages of helical piles include: reduced noise for installation, no excavation or spoils, ease of removal.

Whether your project requires pipe piles, “I” beams or helical piles McDowell NW Pile King has the crews to get the job done. Because Pile King is a piling contractor, we stock a broad range of pipe, beams and helical piles. Our buying power with large scale manufacturer ensures the best possible pricing and the very highest level of quality control.

To discuss options including – onsite test installation, onsite pile performance load testing, production rates attained by Pile King or pricing – please call to speak to one of our project managers.

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