Rafn Micro Pile Project

Seattle, WA

September 2021


“Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for the great job your crew did here. Yes it was a small project for you but very important for us.  Your crew was excellent to work with and very professional. Jesse was on top of every detail from start to finish and a great communicator. We look forward to the next project with your group.”




Project Manager

Seattle, WA

August 2021


“It was truly a pleasure working with your team.  Field crew is top notch and gave us a big head start on our schedule, which helped us finish 1 month ahead of schedule.  Already looking forward to the next project!





Seattle, WA

June 2021


“Thank you for your company’s work.  The employees I met that day were great to work with and did their job exceptionally well, especially given the 95 degree heat on that side of the mountain. 

Thank you!”




Seattle, WA

June 2021


“The wall looks amazing! And best of all our family will be able to sleep well this coming winter. Your guys’ hard work may just very well save our lives.

Speaking of which; everyone that was on our jobsite was amazing. They were all professional, courteous, and hard working. It was apparent that they cared about the quality of their job. Their attention to detail was incredible. I’m sure that you must be as proud of them as employees as I am to have had them working at / on my home. Please give my accolades to everyone.

Thanks for everything!




Project Engineer

Kirtley-Cole General Contractors

Seattle, WA

April 2021



You have a great team!  The Rainier Ave S project has been a complete success, you and your team played an active part in that.  Thank for working with us in relation to our deadline and ensuring material arrived on time. I sincerely appreciate your follow through throughout the project.

I hope to work with you and your team in the near future!”





Portland, Oregon

February 2021


Hello Jesse,

 I want to thank you and your team for the excellent work you did installing helical piers under one of my house footings.

 When I first contacted McDowell Pile King, you were very responsive to my inquiry and came by to look at my job within a few days. Your bid followed shortly.

 As I proceeded with the permit application process through the City of Portland, you stayed in touch and answered my questions within the same day.

 When my permit was approved, you and your team arrived on the day and time we agreed and seemed very capable of doing the work. The city approved the foundation inspection and I assume will give final approval to the project.

 Finally, your team cleaned up the installation site and the mud in front of my house and made sure I was completely satisfied with the work and the cleanup. When it came time to make payments, Michelle and Maria in your office were friendly and easy to deal with.

 Thank you for efficient work and courteous and professional interactions. 




Kevin Krumdiack

Project Manager

Carlisle Classic Homes

July 2020



I thought I would write to say that you guys do awesome.

 I feel like you don’t hear this enough so on a Friday afternoon I would like to let you know that I really appreciate the hard work you and your guys did for us the last two days. You have stayed engaged through the different iterations of this project over the last year, really stepped up the last couple of days, to keep us on schedule and moving. It’s customer service at its best. Can’t wait to work with you again.”



 April 2020


“John… Wanted to thank you & your amazing crew for all their hard work. I was so taken back at not only how polite & kind everyone was, but extremely respectful. All of you were sensitive to my requests, suggestions & to work within my budget. I felt just as valued as your larger jobs.  You have such a great crew. They did a great job. Each being careful to honor their part. Incredible integrity… such a good feeling to have good men do the job. Thank you very much. Enjoying my beautiful bulkhead.” 


Alex K Moroseos, PE, SE

Principal Structural Engineer

Custom Design & Engineering, Inc.

March 2020


Thank you very much!

Very professional – first time I observed pile driving…”

(Pile King was trusted to work on engineer’s personal home)


Glen G. Wade

Northwestern Territories, Inc.
January 2019

“I have been working with Pile King for 14 years and have always had an outstanding experience. The Dungeness Light Station access road repair project required a shortened timeline, included adverse soil conditions, limited access, and critical areas considerations (the project abuts a federal wildlife preserve, wetlands, landslide, and an estuary).

The road, which is the only access to the light station, was impassible due to damage from a landslide triggered by a major irrigation line breach, and a repair solution was needed as soon as possible. Pile King’s construction methods allowed for very fast construction of a retaining wall to repair the damaged road without disturbing any critical areas.

The project management and installation teams worked seamlessly together with us on the design and construction. Pile King did an excellent job of coordinating with the clients and other contractors. The municipality, neighbors, and adjacent homeowner had no complaints. Another excellent Pile King project – I look forward to working with them again soon.”


Craig O. Simons

C O Simons Construction LLC
January 2019

“From my very first meeting with Matt and Larry on the job site I was impressed with McDowell Pile King and confident it would be a great company to work with. As our schedule shifted out, at least three times, Pile King assured me they would accommodate our schedule. Once on site, it was great to have an experienced crew show up every day throughout the project. It was a very tight site to work on with many restrictions placed on the job by the city, but in spite of all that, the Pile King crew was able to achieve what needed to be done in a quality manner and on time.”

Collin King

Dirt Cheap
October 2018

“I have been doing natural plantings, slope retention, hydroseeding and wetland mitigation for many years. This has been the most practically designed and well organized effort to date. My hat is off to McDowell’s team. They are the guys that really had to pull on the oars to get this done on time. Some of those guys were working with the flu! Tough, committed, skilled and professional! McDowell rocks!”

Nancy McDonald

November 2018

“Thank you very much for doing my small job. It seemed like a huge job to me and I was very concerned about my sinking deck. It was kind of you and your workers to come a long, time consuming distance and I certainly appreciate it. As we look forward to Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for you and your workers for helping me.”

Paul Henry

Entroworks LLC
June 2018

“I would like to extend a personal thank you to to Cole, and the entire crew, that worked so hard last week installing all the pile. The sweat was running, but everyone had a great attitude and went the distance to complete the job carefully and efficiently. Donny in particular went the extra mile in his careful pushing of all the piles under the foundation, often in awkward quarters.

Thank you all for a job well done.”


Wendy & Shane Phillips

September 2015

“My husband (the site engineer) asked me to follow up with you regarding your crews’ work yesterday.

Shane works with a lot of contractors and said your crew and work is in the top 10%. Your crew was very professional, knowledgeable, and proficient at executing our scope. We thank you for getting in so quickly and getting the job done well.

Pin pile wasn’t something we had expected to do on our project, or budget for, so your professionalism made it a little less painful.”


Kyle Bjorklund

Blox Construction
July 2015

“Thought I would drop a note and let you know that Zach and his crew were great to work with and were very professional and efficient.”


Tari Casey

LKE Corporation
July 2015

“Thank you gentleman, your core values are expressed in your professionalism and excellent service. Much appreciated.”


Mike Rolfs

Pacific Engineering & Design
May 2015

“Hi John, I recently observed construction at a project in Wenatchee where Pile King installed helical pier tie-back anchors. The crew included three men, Shayne, Viet, and Jesse. I am writing to express my pleasure with your workmen. The installation was frustrating and did not meet the prescribed tension requirements. The crew was creative and respectful and proposed alternatives that ended up meeting the design intent. The general contractor commented that he had never witnessed equal skill with a cutting torch. Please pass on my compliments to the crew.”


Mark Berndt

Constantine Builders, Inc.
April 2015

“Larry, I just wanted you to know that your men did a great job on site. Shayne was dedicated to the details and had to work in a different order then we had planned and he just went with it. He was very courteous and did an exceptional job. Chaz was his helper and he worked tirelessly through the rain and mud to get the job done on schedule even though we had to add footage to the plan. I really respect a team that can come to the site and perform the way they did. Very impressed!”


Alex Schenkar

Schenkar Construction LLC
January 2015

“Larry, I just wanted to note your crew’s exceptional work. I have worked with Jesse and James over a number of years on numerous jobs and they are both solid leaders in the field. They both execute their work with diligence, attention to detail and great attitudes. Your groups have always maintained great quality and delivery of services.

Please mention my endorsement, as I know it’s great for the guys to hear feedback from the leaders of the pack.

As always, I appreciate and respect our working relationship and look forward to many jobs to come. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you all!”


Mark Marcell

Construction Group Intl.
March 2014

“Thanks again, I’d use you guys again in a heartbeat next go around. Your crews were very professional.”


Sooz Apple

Pelington Properties
March 2014

“We recently built a 17-foot tall catchment wal to hold back a slide prone hillside. Pile King provided nine helical anchors. They completed the work in two days instead of three days and came in under budget!“


Joel Dugan

The Point at Paradise Bay
February 2014

“Your crew showed up on time, they introduced themselves and asked to see the work site. They explained to me the procedure, asked if I had any questions or concerns, then went right to work. It was obvious to me that these young men knew what they were doing and had worked together before. They went about their work like a well oiled machine! They were just finishing up as Jefferson County inspector arrived onsite, they answered several questions and the project was signed off. Pile King is well represented by your courteous, highly skilled and professional crew!”


Don McGehe

September 2012

“Our installer from McDowell Pile King was James. He was an outstanding craftsman with an amazing depth of experience, installing these soldier pile walls. Rob Dibble, our civil engineer, had an efficient design and helped me through the process with the City of Kirkland. For that help I am thankful.”


Alex Schenkar

Schenkar Construction LLC
February 2012

“The McDowell Pile King group has been instrumental in providing extraordinary service in partnership with Schenkar Construction. We have been working with McDowell over the past (6) years, and feel absolutely confident in their knowledge, experience and professional integrity to deliver high-end construction services. Larry Byrd has always been a driving force in the leadership of McDowell Pile King. Our Group has been fortunate to work with Larry and his crews for a number of years and appreciate his attention to detail and ability to provide us with the best possible product.”



Homeowners Association
October 2011

“McDowell Pile King is awesome! a pleasure to work with.”


Mike Janni

September 2011

“Once again you guys do the 120% professional job. It looks beautiful, and is very close to plumb…better than I hoped for. Give Todd and his partner a big pat on the back and my deep thanks!”



General Contractors Inc.
April 2011

“Your guys (crew) were a pleasure to work with. Good communication though out the job.”


John Grey

Reeve-Knight Construction
April 2011

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank your company and your people for helping us complete this project. We at Reeve-Knight Construction are pleased to inform you that you received high marks at our recent closeout meeting for the above project. We want to personally thank you for a job well done, your company’s performance and completing your scope of work within the project schedule is greatly appreciated. It is subcontractors like you that we greatly appreciate and hope to continue to work in the future.”

“Our thanks to each and every one of you for helping to make this project a huge success!”


William Garcia

Garcia-Tucker Associates, LLC
December 2010

“Your guys did a great job with diligence and can do attitude. I would expect nothing less from McDowell Pile King.”


Chris Whitman

November 2009

“Thanks for a job well done. Matt and Jessie were very professional and performed an outstanding job, I don’t think anyone could drill the helicals better. The largest unknown with Groundwater and everyone was smiles when they were completed. Thanks again to you and the boys for helping EECo. achieve a quality, profitable job and I hope we can work together again in the near future.”


Michael Steffen

Matrix Drilling
October 2009

“I am writing this letter as a recommendation and to let you know the Outstanding job installing pilings performed by Sean & Tony. I have been a building Contractor for Twenty five years and was very impressed with the conscientious and quality job done by these two men. Not only would I recommend Pile King but I would also tell all contractors about your skilled professionalism.”

“Sean showed up twice (on his weekends) to explain and checkup that we had built the proper accessibility and drainage for ingress and egress. Tony and Sean showed perfection in Plumb, line and Layout. This wall looks perfect and will be a showpiece for Pile King. They made sure Plywood was in place so the aggregate driveway wasn’t damaged. They asked if the Flatbed truck was parked in an acceptable location. They used excellent communication skills in communicating with the Contractor and employees, and everything work out exactly as planned during construction. At the end, they cleaned the tracks so as not to mud up the road, the swept the extra dirt and they used all safety precautions to navigate and build on this extremely difficult slope of 43-degrees. Please let them know the Homeowner Douglas McLean is very pleased with their work as am I. Their skill and professionalism is a testament to my Company too and will be nice addition to the photo album.”


Josh Montgomery

Montgomery Homes, Inc.
August 2009

“That was a good team you sent out today, looking forward to them finishing up Monday.”


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