About Us

McDowell NW Pile King is a privately owned piling subcontractor installing foundation piling and shoring walls.

  • Pin (Pipe) piles up to 8” diameter
  • Wide Flange Beams
  • Helical anchors
  • Grouted Micro Piles
  • Grouted Anchors

Distributor of:

  • Manta Ray and Duckbill earth anchors
  • EPS Geofoam
  • 2”- diameter pipe pile material
  • Helical Anchors / Piles

Two Branches to Service You Better, Working Throughout WA & OR

  • Kent, WA Branch – Located just 10 miles south of Seattle, WA
  • Vancouver, WA Branch – Located just 15 miles north of Portland, OR

While McDowell’s roots in the construction industry goes back to the 40’s working on the Denny regrade in Seattle, we have since specialized in piling and deep foundation systems since the late 60’s.

The advantage of the Pile King™ equipment is it’s very nature of being compact for working on limited access sites and yet able to safely wield powerful hydraulic hammers.

Geotechnical Engineers and Structural Engineers across the Northwest trust the piling systems installed by McDowell Pile King

  • Most experienced professionals
  • Highest level of customer service
  • Always at a competitive price.